Welcome to Amritah


"Dive into your Freedom."

Welcome to an exceptional experience on the Canary Islands.

Welcome to the next level of your personal evolution.

We invite you to a week full of joy & life with your experienced hosts Laia & Curro – and with an awesome group of absolutely amazing people like you.

You will learn Freediving and advanced Breathing Techniques, and Laia & Curro will be sharing some of their amazing life experiences and astounding approaches to joyful living with you. Self Directed Dreaming and Joyful Yoga will be hot topics – besides the good food and your original accomodation.

We'll help you to improve your body, mind and soul: Take your awesome self to the next level. You will not believe your own true potential before you see it!

Welcome to the best version of yourself.

Enjoy Evolution - Enjoy Amritah!

"Hi, we are Curro & Laia and we are your hosts. You are welcome." :)

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What others experienced

Laia & Curro created a magic combination that finally set me free. After all those years – all it took was one dive into the deep blue to return to my true self. Highly recommended experience.

Ben Luca, New York

I never thought that i'd become interested in "breathing" – but then i went freediving everything in my mind was like "Aaaah, now i understand – now i understand breathing – now i understand life." Thank you so much for this life-changing experience.

Jenny, Los Angeles

Freediving? Me? I never expected that to happen. But it's such a beautiful experience that i can't even describe it. Laia is a warm-hearted and amazing teacher who really helped me "diving deeper" into myself then i ever thought.

Adam, Paris

Your Guides

Laia Sopeña

Laia holds several national spanish freediving records and is participating in the 2021 freediving world championships.

Laia is a Freediving, Yoga & Acroyoga instructor.

And a massage therapist.

And a Nutritionist & Food technologist.

And a superstrong solo mom who loves music and loves to sing the songs of life.

And a warm-hearted, amazingly strong woman who will make you feel safe and sound on your journey into the ocean, into yourself – and beyond.

And absolutely awesome :)

Curro Cachinero

Curro is a German-Spanish entrepreneur, CEO of Adaptonics and a certified Breatheology Instructor.

Curro explores the depth of life and dreams – and the deep blue. He fell in love with Freediving a few years ago and it changed his life – again.

Curro accumulated an astonishing ten years of intense practice in the Art and Science of Salutogenesis (Aaron Antonovsky) under the mentorship of Dr. med. Fritz Helmuth Hemmerich.

Curro is a passionate disciple of his two young daughters Lilly & Emma – eternal love.

Curro will surprise you with an incredible depth of accumulated knowledge, experience and wisdom. He will help you to challenge yourself and to reach the next level of your personal evolution.

Learn to dive free

Diving into the ocean is like diving into yourself. Learn to dive free and happy with guidance from certified freediving instructor, spanish freediving record-holder and superstrong supermom Laia.

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Learn to breathe free

The workshop includes 21 hours on the art of conscious breathing and other breathing techniques by certified Breatheology Instructor Curro Cachinero.

Breathe freely. Live effortlessly. Rewrite your biography. Be free. Finally. Be.

Find out more about Breatheology

Learn to live free

You want to establish and maintain good health, mentally and physically? Learn about a different perspective on health with salutogenesis.

Curro will teach you the scientifically based theories and methods of cardioception, anafonesis, neuroception and meditation.

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All inclusive service to let you focus on the workshop

Discover Tenerife

Spend one week on this magical island in the atlantic ocean. This mystical place in the canarys is the perfect scenery to take your mind away from your everyday life - and also an amazing spot for freediving of course!

Enter the finca Manantial de Tara

Step in and enjoy! The finca Manantial de Tara offers a place of peace and personal growth, with a focus on a close connection to nature.

Eat healthy, sleep well and relax between your sessions

Inbetween the workshop sessions, you can digest the input and take your time for yourself at the finca Manantial de Tara. You will have a place to rest and sleep here. Also we will be served their best ecological food three times a day - vegetarian by default, with the option to choose a low carb menu with local sea food.

Learn to dive deeper - into yourself and the ocean

The finca Manatial de Tara also offers different rooms - like this beautifully made cave room - for our yoga and breathing lessons and the lucid dreaming and salutogenesis training.

Diving into the ocean is like diving into yourself.

From the ocean we come, to the ocean we must return. Return to the ocean to return to yourself.

Join us now and open up to a new perception of nature, reality, meaning and your own self.